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With so many happy customers Deo-Go has proven to be a powerful and versatile underarm stain remover. Hear why so many use Deo-Go to keep their shirts lasting longer.

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From magazines, to major news programs, to online fashion blogs, Deo-Go has been recognized as the "magic elixir" for pit stains!

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Deo-Go – The Best Underarm Stain Remover

Deo-Go is the new stain remover which is specifically formulated to remove those yellow stains and hard patches, restoring your clothing to their original appearance!

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of sweat stains which appear in the armpits of your clothing? Have you tried stain removers in the past and found that they haven’t cleaned those armpit stains?

How to remove sweat stains and how to remove deodorant stains has been a common problem that people don’t talk about and until now, deodorant stains have been almost impossible to clean, leading many people to throw clothing away.

You may have tried other stain removers for clothes or read articles online about how to remove stains or sweat stain removal, but after extensive testing and research, we have found that the home remedies suggested are not effective.

Deo-Go is the best stain remover on the market for deodorant stain removal.

Although your clothing may appear to be bleached, faded or stained beyond the point of revival, this is not the case….the Deo-Go stain remover can save it!

Deo-Go’s active ingredients target the antiperspirant or deodorant residue build-up, dissolving and completely removing the and stiff patches and pit stains, restoring the garment’s original appearance! Removing stains from clothes has never been easier!

No matter how bad, we know how to remove yellow armpit stains on your clothing. We can save you time and money, and are so confident in our product, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.


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What people think of Deo-Go


The product really works. It saved some expensive shirts. It works great on yellow stains on white shirts. Most shirts do benefit from a second scrubbing so do the work. I must have saved 10 shirts and ordered a second bottle… Great product.


I did a lot of internet research and tried some of the more common tips like vinegar with zero success. Deo-go not only completely exceeded my expectations, but did the job perfectly… Pleased to say that for most of my shirts, not only did Deo-Go remove the white stains and waxy gunk build-up, but the underarm area of the shirts feels like the rest of the shirt. Have to say I was sceptical, but now I am a true believer!


OMG! As I am trading out my summer clothes for winter ones I just used Deo-Go on a load of summer whites! Unbelievable. Pieces that I thought I would have to throw out because they were starting to yellow… the stains are completely gone. I am so excited.


It works!!!!!!!!! Was trying to save myself from having to discard garments that were in perfect condition bar the tell tale underarm stains…have tried this on two black garments….As described on the label, all I did was apply where necessary and used an old toothbrush to work in the solution, left to soak for 30 mins or so and then put through a 30 degree wash, hey presto, no more white marks! 

A great solution to a problem I’ve battled with for ages….


Excellent product which does exactly what it claims to do. It rescued my son’s expensive shirts and made me look a very efficient mother!


Having searched long and hard for a proven way to rid my work shirts of discoloured armpits, I stumbled across this item on Amazon and decided to give it a go particularly given it’s endorsement from Good Housekeeping.

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