Don’t Sweat It – FabSugar says Deo-Go is a True Friend to Fashion November 22nd 2010

“We love pretty white shirts: we hate unsightly yellow stains. I know, totally gross. Nothing spoils a fresh look faster than that yellow tinge – and, unfortunately, nothing seems to remove them. Maybe that’s because we weren’t using Deo-Go before. A true friend to fashion, this liquid gel is specially formulated to remove deodorant and […]

Deo-Go Beats out Spray n’ Wash. SpaGals Profess their love for Deo-Go. February 14th 2011

The SpaGals Kara Williams stopped buying white shirts for workouts because she could never get rid of the unsightly armpit sweat stains. She tried nearly every stain remover, including Spray n’Wash, but nothing worked. That is – until she tried Deo-Go: After bristle cleaning the Deo-Go into the stains, letting it sit for 20 minutes, […]

Deo-Go Receives Good Housekeeping Approval Rating June 14th 2011

Deo-Go receives official Good Housekeeping Institute Approved rating! Passes in all 4 quality assessment test categories (performance, ease of use, design, instructions) with flying colours! Here’s an excerpt from the summary report provided by GHI: Testers found this product worked successfully at removing deodorant marks from a variety of items. Stains were in varying degrees […]