Archive | Blog Calls Deo-Go the “Bond Gadget of Clothes” style editor Melissa Ward explains how to keep your sweaty summer shirts stain-free with Deo-Go! After a summer filled with sweating your t-shirts are probably riddled with pit stains, and that makes you about as attractive as garlic body wash. Whether you’re concerned about snagging the ladies or keeping your favorite shirts intact, there […]

Deo-Go is a Huge Hit with the Celebs at the 4th Annual Eco Emmys Celebrity Chateau!

RibbedTee participated in the 4th Annual Eco Emmy’s Celebrity Chateau to show it’s support for the Emmy’s and how we’re working on reducing our company’s carbon footprint. We showed off how Deo-Go is the best (and only) product on the market to remove set-in deodorant and antiperspirant stains and is also friendly to our environment with our recyclable container and bio-degradable solution too!

Deo-Go Presented as Specialty Clothing Cleaning Product on Art of Manliness

A Tailored Suit president Antonio Centeno recommends Deo-Go in the “Specialty Cleaners” section of his Art of Manliness article titled: How to Build Your Wardrobe Part IV – Protecting, Storing and Cleaning your Clothing. Not all detergents and cleaners are created equal.   Although detergents will remove most stains, they are ill equipped to handle persistent […]

Refinery29: Get Over Underarm Stains With Deo-Go

Zinzi Edmundson of Refinery29 calls Deo-Go a new “Magic Elixir” Deo-Go, the new water-soluble laundry agent is designed to wipe out underarm stains—and it’s quickly becoming our most essential summer-to-fall transition piece. It’s hot out and we’re schvitzing like crazy—and triple-applying antiperspirant. Odorless, yes, but there’s one problem: unseemly stains left behind on our whitest […] Rid Your Shirts of Hideous Pit Stains With Deo-Go

After testing Deo-Go, folks at tell everyone to Swat the Sweat at Rid your shirts of hideous pit stains with this specially-formulated concoction, which when sprayed on and scrubbed into an affected garment then put through the wash will remove sweat and deodorant buildup, restoring clothes to their “original appearance”….