“This stuff really does work and has saved me loads of time and trouble trawling around looking for products to remove the scummy residue on my partners shirts – they have come up like new…loving Deo-Go!!!”

J Milne, UK

“The first product I’ve found that works.  I’ve had the problem of deodorant stains on shirts before and changed deodorant to avoid the issue. having recently started cycling to work and playing squash at lunchtimes I simply used the sprays available locally. this resulted in more ruined shirts.

In the past I’ve tried the old wives recipes of lemon juice, I’ve used bleach and all sort of other methods and none work.  This product however does!!

It required a longer soak than I thought and more vigorous rubbing of the area once the product has soaked in, but once i figured that out, combined with a 60 degree wash, my shirts are like new.

I’d definitely recommend this product to anyone with shirts they’re thinking of binning.”


“This stuff works!  Deo-Go does what it says on the bottle.

I had several shirts my wife threatened to throw out so gave this a try. Pleased to say it worked a treat, removing all but the worst stains with one treatment. A couple did need a second treatment, but I have to say they were bad to start with… So it save some of my favourite shirts, and saved me having to replace them.

And all for a fraction of the cost of one decent shirt. “

Smirb, Scotland

“Works on REALLY tough stains.  Tried this on 4 of my most badly deodorant stained shirts and it worked brilliantly. There is no trace of the deodorant now, such a great product that it spurned me to write my first online review!”


“I bought this to try on numerous t-shirts and blouses that had all become dis-coloured and ready for throwing. I must say I was quite sceptical as to if it would work, however my doubts were unfounded. All the t-shirts and blouses cleaned up like new except for the worst 2 however after a second application they to were like new. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others”

L. Hargreaves

“What can I say? Deo-Go really works. I must have tried just about every suggestion on how to remove deodorant stains on shirts and T shirts over the years and found nothing that works. So I was thrilled at last to find something that does. Just a few T shirts, where there was a heavy build up, required a second treatment at first, but with regular application this isn’t a problem. This has unquestionably become an essential washing product for me.”

Arenga UK

“The wife got some to try and rescue some favourite shirts of mine and it has done exactly what it said on the tin. Nothing else had worked and it was almost at the point of throwing them out. Worth every penny!”

PukkaMan UK

“I bought this product after trying pretty much every other stain remover in stores (and home made variations that I found online) and not having any success removing deodorant stains. Since this item isn’t available at US Amazon, ordered from UK. I tried it out today on a few old shirts that I haven’t worn in over a year because of the stains and figured if it didn’t work, I wouldn’t be out much since I never wear these shirts anyway. The results are amazing! Every trace of the stains are gone…mind you, these shirts have been machine washed and dried dozens of times and the stains were firmly set, yet the stains all disappeared on both colored shirts and white ones. I did have one shirt that suffered some slight discoloration, but this is one of the warnings on the bottle. I probably wouldn’t use it as a regular cleaning solution given the risk of discoloration, but if you have favorite shirts that are way too stained to wear in public, this is the way to go!”

David Blair, Texas

“I am glad I saw Deo-Go on Thrillist. It has saved 2 of my favorite shirts and several others from the garbage. For some shirts I have found that I need a second application, but the price of Deo-Go is better than the price of a new shirt. Plus, I generally have a hard time finding new shirts that I love as much as the old ones. I will definitely purchase again in the future, but now I plan to take care of my shirts on an ongoing basis.”

Jody S., Chicago, IL

“The product really works. It saved some expensive shirts. It works great on yellow stains on white shirts. Most shirts do benefit from a second scrubbing so do the work. I must have saved 10 shirts and ordered a second bottle…Great product.”

Mark, New Jersey

“I tried Deo-Go for the first time this weekend on a half dozen white shirts containing cotton, polyester, and spandex. I have to admit, I skipped the scrubbing step in favor of just letting the garments soak for a half hour, followed by a cold water wash in Tide Coldwater liquid detergent. Every stain was either gone or vastly improved. There was no obvious difference between the treated areas and the rest of the shirt, either. I was so impressed, I actually did a show-and-tell at work with a “control” shirt that was just washed in cold water with the Tide detergent, versus one of the Deo-Go shirts. Thanks for making a product that does exactly what it claims to do. Now, sell it in a gallon jug!”


“I bought some of your product and used it on some stained tee shirts and one custom made shirt. On the tee shirts, it took a couple of applications and they came clean, for the custom made shirt one application was enough. Obviously, the heavier the stain the more applications that are needed. I would highly recommend your product.”

John Forestdale, RI

“Your product is AMAZING! My son’s armpit stains on his really nice shirts were disgusting. He was embarrassed to wear them! He didn’t want to throw them out because they were in really good condition and only had worn them a few times…besides, they weren’t cheap shirts! After seeing your product on one of the morning news shows, I decided to order it and see for myself…what would I lose but a little money. It would be worth it if it worked! As soon as I received your product, which was only a few days after it was ordered, I was a bit sceptical but very anxious to try it out…low and behold…it works!!!!!! Thank you so much for inventing this product!”

Diana Booth

“I tried your product today on some old stained shirts, it is truly amazing. Most of them came clean the first time. I can’t tell you how many shirts I have thrown away, not anymore. Thanks again.”

Julie H.

“I did a lot of internet research and tried some of the more common tips like vinegar with zero success. Deo-go not only completely exceeded my expectations, but did the job perfectly…Pleased to say that for most of my shirts, not only did Deo-Go remove the white stains and waxy gunk build-up, but the underarm area of the shirts feels like the rest of the shirt. Have to say I was sceptical, but now I am a true believer!”

George Coghill

“A friend came for a visit over the weekend. I mentioned the product [Deo-Go] to her and she said she wanted to try it. She happened to have a white shirt with yellow underarm stains and she complained that no matter what she did they wouldn’t disappear. Voila! I grabbed Deo-Go and we tried it. Amazingly, the stains disappeared! She was impressed, happy and relieved….This product is affordable and definitely one you should have in your cleaning arsenal.”

Andrea, Styliciously Social

“Hi! I heard about your product from the undershirtguy.com and have had a chance to try it for myself. Yes! I am so glad to have my shirts back! In addition, I helped spread the word by letting my friends know about you on facebook.”


“I just wanted to let you know I bought a bottle of Deo-Go and the stuff really does work! Stubborn stains really do take more than one washing but still, my Father was thrilled when I resurrected some of his hideous looking white undershirts. As for me, I used it on grey and jet-black synthetic mix stretch-pima shirts that had minor stains but more of that “captured odor” and it sure appeared to fix that as well, and best of all without a hint of bleaching…and I scrubbed hard, applied a generous portion and washed in WARM water, so this stuff is great!”

Kevin M.

“I ordered Deo-go after seeing positive reviews online. I was trying to find a way to get the deodorant stains out of my daughter’s school uniform blouses. They still fit her, but I was looking at having to buy new ones if I couldn’t get them clean. I used Deo-go on them once; I sprayed them thoroughly, let them sit about 30 minutes, then washed them normally. They came out perfectly. Now she has 7 uniform blouses that look as good as new.

I then tried it on one of my husband’s fishing shirts, which had huge stains. It made a significant difference, and I plan to use it again to see if it will take out the stains that are left. I recently reordered to have some on hand in case my daughter’s blouses need it again. I also ordered an extra bottle for my sister.

I have been very pleased with the performance of the product, and would recommend it highly.”

Kathy G.

“OMG! As I am trading out my summer clothes for winter ones I just used Deo-Go on a load of summer whites! Unbelievable. Pieces that I thought I would have to throw out because they were starting to yellow…the stains are completely gone. I am so excited.”

Jill, JH Image Consulting