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redmagRed Magazine says “Banish unsightly deodorant marks for good”January 2012

Featured in the January 2012 edition of Red Magazine “This Month’s Essentials” section.

GH-approved-2013Good Housekeeping says “Brilliant at removing yellow marks” November 2011

Featured in November’s edition of Good Housekeeping Magazine “Ask our Experts”.  GHI tested Deo-Go on tops and shirts and found it brilliant at removing yellow marks.  Spray on, brush in, leave for 30 minutes and launder.

luckymagLucky Magazine Calls Deo-Go Brilliant and a Great Stain Buster! July 8th 2011

Pick-up the August 2011 issue of Lucky Magazine and turn to page 59! The folks at Lucky got their hands on some Deo-Go and this is what they had to say about it: “Deo-Go is brilliant at getting rid of stains from deodorant and sweat. Honest. We tried it – and it actually worked!”

todayThe TODAY show features Bobbie Thomas’ Minute Buzz!  “With a 100% guarantee or your money back, the Deo-Go formula promises to remove those unsightly and impossible to get out antiperspirant, deodorant and sweat stains.  Just imagine how many white T-shirts could be saved!”

refinery29“Deo-Go, the new water-soluble laundry agent is designed to wipe out underarm stains – and its becoming our most essential summer-to-fall transition piece…. Enter the new magic elixir Deo-Go, which is specifically formulated to lift deodorant build-up and keep clothes looking as good as new.  With this stuff in your arsenal, you’ll be able to wear your favourites all summer long, without looking like it”.

thrilllist“Rid your shirts of hideous pit stains with this specifically-formulated concoction, which when sprayed on and scrubbed into an affected garment then put through the wash will remove sweat and deodorant build up, restoring clothes to their original appearance, which unfortunately still involves being wrapped around a sweaty built up you.  Swat the sweat!”

evolve“I love Deo-Go. It removed the chocolate stain on my favorite light cotton white shirt that had already gone through the wash and dryer. It is amazing. It also removed the bike grease stain on a bright orange shirt without compromising the color around the stain. It is a must have in every laundry basket!”

Jean S, Evolue Beverly Hills

hiphostess“But what happens to my grubby clothes? Sweat stains. Erg. I’d practically given up on white blouses because I’vegrown so annoyed having to buy new ones every season because of those disgusting yellow pit stains. I

repeat. Erg. But now, there is Deo-go. I’ve been reading all about this product and thought it was too good to be true. It is the real deal, folks! All you do is spray the product on the unsightly stains, scrub with a small bristle brush, wait 20 minutes, and launder. Bu-bye yellow stains. Bu-bye white stains on colored blouses. Amazing! Now I will no longer be afraid of white. Yay!”

outblush”We’re urging you to order a bottle of Deo-Go STAT! …Put to the test, the stuff actually works and we’ve got a new life out of a few of our favourite cardigans (not to mention almost all of our guys’ undershirts and button-downs!).”


Get Rid of Underarm Stains Forever! Deo-Go in Woman’s World Magazine. May 19th 2011

Deo-Go was featured in Woman’s World Magazine (May 23, 2011 Edition). See page 9 – the “Smart Ideas to Make you Look Great” section!

shapeDeo-Go Feature in November 2010 Issue of Shape Magazine!

They say “So long to underarm stains!”