Escape from the Pits: Deo-Go Completely Eliminates Those Ugly Deodorant & Antiperspirant Stains November 16th 2010

Steve O’Brien from WCBS-FM in New York got his hands on a bottle of Deo-Go and after it cleaned one of his trash bound sweaters, he referred to Deo-Go as a product that has revolutionized armpit stain removal.

‘Stained pits on shirts, dresses, underwear no longer mean time to toss. Thanks to a new product called “Deo-Go’, armpit stain removal has just been revolutionized. This is a clothing revitalizer that can completely eliminate those ugly deordorant and anitperspirant stains.

Fortunately, I discovered Deo-Go just before throwing one of my favouriate sweaters in the recycle bin. Unfortunately, my wife had already abandoned a classic work dress. Both items had been suffering from the glaring underarm stains that regular dry cleaning often fails to remove. While her dress is no doubt a collection of dust rags, my sweater looks practically new – and is pit-stain free.

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