Blog Staffers Call Deo-Go a Miracle Underarm Stain remover July 30th 2012

style-testdrive-for-blogThree of the Test drive staffers over at put Deo-Go to the test on some of their underarm-stained shirts, and this is what they had to say:

“.. it completely removed the deodorant stains in one try and wothout damaging the material at all. Effortless!” – Jessie C

“It works! It removes almost the entire deodorant stain, which is super useful in the summertime, especially with my white cotton shirts! – Kathryn C

“This product is awesome! It really worked and is a super easy way to get tough stains out. I am thrilled to have finally found the answer to underarm sweat stains …” – Liana C

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