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Deo-Go in the News: Fall 2011

Check out all the latest Deo-Go News Coverage: Deo-Go promises to handle underarm stains Get Tough Deodorant Stains out with Deo-go

Is Deo-go worth the investment? You can purchase a bottle of Deo-go online for $11.49 and it will treat up to 15 shirts. They also have a money back guarantee. If their product doesn’t get the stains out then you can get your money back. The average price of a t-shirt is around $10-15 so if you throw away 15 t-shirts because they have stains on them you are throwing away $150-225. If you value your t-shirts then that is a hug chunk of change and yes, Deo-go is worth the investment. Deo-Go tackles underarm stains A healthy stocking stuffer for your workout buddy

Why It’s Stocking-worthy: Your favorite gym rats will rejoice at being able to save their fave t-shirts even after the sweat stains set in. This almond-scented pre-wash spray makes unsightly underarm stains vanish, restoring tees (or any other type of shirt) to their former glory and saving a bundle on having to invest in a new crop of tops. Holiday Gift Guide – Save his favorite shirts


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