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Deo-Go Versus Dry Cleaners. Advantage Deo-Go!

Great Deo-Go success story courtesy of a very happy customer.  Deo-Go one, dry cleaner zero!

I am a custom clothier partnered with J. Hilburn who had special ordered a shirt for my best friend to use in his engagement proposal.

I dropped it off at my local dry cleaners to be laundered and pressed and when I went to pick it up there was a stain along with a note stating

“We are sorry but there is a stain here that we cannot remove. We are calling it to your attention so that you know that it had our attention.”

I had the bag that the shirt came in and there was no residue or anything. I told the girl that it was impossible and the stain had to come from them.

She told me that they could send it out for testing but that would take 2 weeks. I told her was not acceptable and that I would try to get it out myself.

[box]She told me that they had already tried with dry cleaning solution and since they could not get it out, there was no way that I could remove it.[/box]

DEO-GO to the rescue!

I went home and read the directions very carefully. Then I applied it and used an old toothbrush to work it into the fabric. Then I placed it in the laundry room to set for 15 minutes. Then I used the hand wash cycle along with presoak and 45 minutes later…there was no trace of the stain and the shirt looked perfect!

I am going to go down to the cleaners in the morning and tell them that they need to buy your product!

I can provide you with pictures as well.

Love the product! Thanks a lot.

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