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The Revolutionary Stain Remover

Hardened, built up stains which appear on the armpits of clothing, restoring your clothes to their original appearance. Deo-Go is sold in a 300ml spray bottle, which will treat between 18-25 shirts.

There is no other product available which can make these claims, or tackle this type of stain, making Deo-Go totally unique!

The Problem & Our Promise To You

These armpit stains are often mistaken for wear and tear or permanent build ups of grime, and independent surveys have shown that many people throw clothing away, without really understanding the problem. The problem isn’t you; it’s the deodorant and antiperspirants that you use daily! The residue from these builds up on clothing over time, and gives the appearance of discoloured areas and stiff patches.

Deo-Go will remove these stains and hardened patches, restoring your clothing to its original appearance. We can save you time and money, and are so confident in our product, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Our Testing & The Proof

Deo-Go has been tested extensively on different garments and fabrics, many with extreme staining, and has always been successful in restoring them to their original condition. Never throw another stained shirt away…use Deo-Go and prepare to be amazed by the results!


Check out our Before & After pictures and find out what our customers are saying about Deo-Go !

How does it work?

Deo-Go’s active ingredients target the antiperspirant or deodorant residue build-up, dissolving and completely removing the stains and stiff patches, restoring the garment’s original appearance!

Deo-Go is sprayed on to the stained area of the armpit and left to dissolve the residue for between 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the severity of the stain. A little scrub during this time with a short bristled brush will speed up the process. Then simply wash, as per the garment’s normal washing instructions. Always remember to spot test an inconspicuous area of the garment prior to treatment.

Spray, scrub and wash. That’s it!

What does it tackle?

Simply put, armpit stains in clothing. This is a big issue that people don’t talk about. Have you ever looked at a shirt or tee-shirt and seen either white or yellow stains on the pits? Have your shirts ever felt stiff and uncomfortable to wear around the armpit areas?

This is due to the deodorants and antiperspirants that you use every day. The residues from these, combined with sweat are transferred on to whatever you are wearing. Over time, these residues build up and cause your clothing to look discoloured and permanently stained.

These stains won’t come out in a normal wash cycle, and boiling and bleaching actually makes these stains worse. This is where Deo-Go comes in.

Although your clothing may appear to be bleached, faded or stained beyond the point of revival, this is not the case … Deo-Go can save it!

What’s in it?

  • Non-ionic surfactants (<10%)
  • Hydrochloric acid

Who makes it?

Deo-Go has been created by MD Technical Solutions Ltd.

Registered Company No. SC295253.


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