Deo-Go Stain Remover (85ml Bottle)

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The NEW Trial Size Deo-Go Bottle!

Our new 85ml (2.9oz.) bottle will treat approximately 4-5 shirts, removing the yellow and discolored armpit stains and the built-up deodorant. Give your undershirts, shirts, and blouses a new lease on life. 100% guaranteed, or your money back!

Have more shirts to clean? Check out our larger 300ml bottle — enough to clean over 15 shirts.

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Our 85ml bottle will treat approximately 5 garments.

1 review for Deo-Go Stain Remover (85ml Bottle)

  1. Paula C.

    Today at my son’s house when hanging one of his white shirts he uses practically eveyday, I saw that those yellow deodorant stains were very visible.
    For several years and upon my son’s request (mothers always seem to be “the” problem solvers) I tested enumerous products without success and, as you may imagine, I was totally frustrated for having spend money and time in products which guarantee will work but in fact they don’t. Last September I bought Deo-Go and only today I’ve tested it having followed step by step the label instructions. I am astonished and fascinated with the results. Congratulations and thank you for finally have introduced a product that really works.
    From the list of countries which now sell this product, mine is unfortunately not included therefore I’ll be forced to buy it online.

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Have more shirts to clean? Check out our larger 300ml bottle - enough to clean over 15 shirts.

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