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Deo-Go Stain Remover (85ml Bottle)

(3 customer reviews)

The NEW Trial Size Deo-Go Bottle!

Our new 85ml (2.9oz.) bottle will treat approximately 4-5 shirts, removing the yellow and discolored armpit stains and the built-up deodorant. Give your undershirts, shirts, and blouses a new lease on life. 100% guaranteed, or your money back!

Have more shirts to clean? Check out our larger 300ml bottle — enough to clean over 15 shirts.

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300ml Bottle


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Our 85ml bottle will treat approximately 5 garments.

5/5 (1 Review)

3 reviews for Deo-Go Stain Remover (85ml Bottle)

  1. Paula C.

    Today at my son’s house when hanging one of his white shirts he uses practically eveyday, I saw that those yellow deodorant stains were very visible.
    For several years and upon my son’s request (mothers always seem to be “the” problem solvers) I tested enumerous products without success and, as you may imagine, I was totally frustrated for having spend money and time in products which guarantee will work but in fact they don’t. Last September I bought Deo-Go and only today I’ve tested it having followed step by step the label instructions. I am astonished and fascinated with the results. Congratulations and thank you for finally have introduced a product that really works.
    From the list of countries which now sell this product, mine is unfortunately not included therefore I’ll be forced to buy it online.

  2. Maria

    It’s really super!

  3. Maria-Dev

    Cool! It really work!

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Have more shirts to clean? Check out our larger 300ml bottle - enough to clean over 15 shirts.