remove pit stains Talks about Deo-Go Deodorant Stain Remover!

Here’s an excerpt from the Deo-Go feature on! Deo-Go Sprays Pit Stains Out Of Your Shirts Sweat a lot?  No need to answer.  While you can’t do much about your bad luck in glands, Deo-Go can do something about those vomit-inducing yellow marks that have etched themselves on your unfortunate threads. A specialty cleaning … Talks about Deo-Go Deodorant Stain Remover! Read More » Rid Your Shirts of Hideous Pit Stains With Deo-Go

After testing Deo-Go, folks at tell everyone to Swat the Sweat at Rid your shirts of hideous pit stains with this specially-formulated concoction, which when sprayed on and scrubbed into an affected garment then put through the wash will remove sweat and deodorant buildup, restoring clothes to their “original appearance”….