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Reviews From Amazon

Yellow Stain

Best product I've found to get rid of yellow stains caused by tablets on shirts underarm.

Ms Ruth Jones, 10 September 2018

Brilliant Results

Absolute life saver!! My baby blue work uniform t shirts had started to get dark deodorant stains and seemed to be getting worse with each wash. I tried everything and nothing worked until I order this product. Absolutely fab, worked instantly. So easy and made my clothes look brand new again. Highly recommend.

Daniel, 21 June 2018

Absolutely great

I have been throwing away perfectly good shirts for the last 30 years and now I don’t need to. This product not only takes away the yellow waxy staining but also removes the accompanying body-odour smell. Bloomin’ marvellous!

Robert Marsh, 8 May 2018

Saved my shirts

This worked fantastically, after trying for a few months to improve my shirts with some hot washing, vanish, etc; this worked perfectly first time. Very pleased indeed.

Nickon 10, August 2018

Excellent product!!

I've always despaired at the ruin of my tops with deodorant/antiperspirant stains and build up. Until now! Deo-Go really works well, my shirts are completely stain and build up free. Don't wait, buy it now.

Ladyboss, 17 July 2018

It works! Better than the cheaper Dr Beckmann.

I can't remember how I found about this stuff, but I would never be without it now. Not only does it remove hard deposits and stains, it also gets rid of that faint odour that can sometimes be detected even after a shirt is laundered. Yes, it may seem expensive, but when you think about the number of shirts it will save, it's good value. I'd tried all the oxy stuff before this, and they didn't work, but believe me, this does. So glad Amazon are stocking it again, and it's on Prime! I recommend this product without hesitation.

Update! I saw that Dr Beckmann had brought out their own version of this, and thought I'd save some money by trying it. Well, it just isn't as powerful, and doesn't remove the yellowing like this does, so back to Deo Go for me.

BritHorrorHound, 5 May 2018

REALLY PLEASED! Will always keep some in the laundry cupboard.

My white hospital tunics had hard yellow perspiration/deodorant stains. The stains felt like plastic and looked unsightly. I tried all sorts of potions for example vinegar, lemon juice, citric acid, neat bleach. Nothing budged those stains. However DEO GO works!! Used as instructed...used a toothbrush and brushed the stain vigorously. Left it for 30 mins both times and then put it into the washing machine..... brilliant!!!

Soggy, 12 February 2018

Wish I’d taken before and after pictures

omg this really works. Deodorant stains on my teenage sons white shirts have gone. I tried everything from bleach to baking soda was going to throw away one last try and it worked.

mrs c ferebee, 13 May 2018

As good as the other reviews indicate

Bought this based on the positive reviews as a last attempt at salvaging my sons shirts that we were close to throwing away as they had become so badly stained by deodorant build up. Didn't hold up much hope but was truly amazed by the results with all of the staining removed.

David Lawrence, 16 August 2018

Reviews From eBay

This stuff actually works !!!!!

You buy so many things that are all talk and no truth it is surprising to find something that does what it says. I have stopped throwing shirts away and started reconditioning them. Great Stuff.

traveltrev0, 19 Jul, 2017

Follow the instructions excellent product excellent service 5*****

joycemilosmum1 10 Nov, 2017
I never expected this product to work and was astonished when I saw the results


Great product! At last, something that really does get rid of deodorant build up and staining on my shirts and undershirts! A couple did need re-treating, but they did come like new again. Wouldn't want to be without this product now.

addyeddy, 9 Feb, 2018

John Lewis (All 5/5)

Have been looking for a product to rejuvenate all my lovely [but stained] white blouses - and this is it. Follow the instructions and it really works well. Delighted, and highly recommend

JaneyA, 21 March 2017

An embarrassing problem solved

Deodorant build up has been an issue for me for years. Having a nice shirt ruined by it was always painful, and seemed such a waste. Deo-Go took care of the problem, and all of my shirts were saved. What a great product.

SmallFlat11, February 2017

Great Stuff - Works a treat

I used just one quarter of this bottle liberally on about 4 shirts of my husbands, and it's brought them back to life. Amazing stuff.

Louise73, 15 November 2016

Really works!

After trying many different products, Deogo deodorant stain remover really does work on those impossible to shift, solid deodorant stains, great product!

J8ck, 27 September 2016

Reviews From Caraselle

I'd tried just about every stain-removal remedy/recipe out there to remove sweat stains from my shirts. In the past I've thrown away perfectly good shirts (apart from the sweat stains!) because nothing would shift them. Deo-Go works! It WILL shift those stains, it may take a few applications on well-stained areas but will give a new lease of life to your shirts. Now the stains have gone I just put a quick spray on the areas every couple of washes to keep them at bay. Worth every penny!

Barry, 09/05

Excellent product works like magic I have recommended this to all my family and friends.Clothes that I would have thrown away can now be worn again they are like new again.Buy this product with confidence it really does work.


The only stain remover product that actually works! Easy to use, very pleased with result, I hope it will be available forever.

Ildiko Imre, 21/11

This is the only product I know of that can shift those stubborn deodorant marks from clothes - it definitely works and I would recommend it.

Anita Huckle, 15/10

The product is magic. I was really impressed and it takes a lot to impress me.

Sheryl Seddon, 21/10

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