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Ways To Remove Deodorant and Underarm Stains From Your Clothes

bicarb of Soda

Stains on clothes, especially underarm deodorant stains, are one of the single greatest laundry frustrations. The difficulty in finding an easy way to remove these stubborn deodorant and underarm stains from clothes often results in the unnecessary disposal of clothing, including otherwise perfectly fine dress shirts. There are several ways that this can be tackled and it will depend on several factors including how long the stains have been building up. Additionally, with deodorant stains, the ingredients in the deodorant, which can differ between products, can effect which stain removal technique will work best.

Traditional Methods To Remove Deodorant Stains From Your Clothes

Before laundry automated, It was common practice to use a mixture containing ingredients from the home. Typically, a solution containing bicarbonate of soda and water was a favourite. Mixing three parts bicarb to one part water could often do the trick.

There are also other home methods that can be used without the need for using professional cleaning additives. One includes mixing equal parts of water and lemon juice, applying the liquid to the stain and leaving it in the sun to soak through and naturally dry, and then wash as normal. This has a natural bleaching effect without ruining the dye in the clothes.

Another popular methods is to crush Aspirin and mix with water to make a paste and then applying that to the stains. The use of White wine vinegar is another popular favourite.

An unusual solution which many swear by is rubbing the stain with nylon stockings before placing the garment in the wash. While this may have some effect it is important to remember that the more the stain is caused by a combination of sweat and deodorant, the more radical the solution may need to be, and the more likely that these solutions will have little of no positive results.

The Big Easy Underarm Stain Removal Method

There is, of course, the big easy way to remove deodorant and underarm stains from your clothes. Modern problems call for modern solutions. Deo Go removes the need for mixing and making potions and solutions and spending time rubbing and working it in. No need for constant testing and trying. Simply use Deo-Go as indicated in the instructions and the results will speak for themselves.

You can do this the easy way using Deo-Go or the hard way using old fashioned methods. But we think if you try the Deo-Go way once the chances are you’ll never look back.


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